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VENEZIA, Arte e vino incontri. Luca Purelli presenta i vini abbinati alle opere di Simone Bergantini ovvero Black Eyes Explosion

VENEZIA Arte e vino s'incontrano sulle vie del senso - Sabato 17 aprile, alla veneziana Jarach Gallery
..VENICE Art and wine meet on the streets of sense..

Nuove frontiere dell'abbinamento

L'arte del gusto - il gusto dell'arte

Luca Purelli  presenta i vini abbinati alle opere di Simone Bergantini ovvero  Black Eyes Explosion

Fermo restando il naturale abbinamento del cibo al vino, ci riserviamo di sperimentare nuove vie, meno scontate, sulle quali muoverci, senza i rassicuranti riferimenti di esperienze codificate, corsi, testi e suggerimenti ai quali attingere. Ecco perché vi chiediamo di accompagnarci, sabato 17 aprile, alla veneziana Jarach Gallery di Campo San Fantin, di fronte al Teatro La Fenice, per visitare la mostra Black Eyes Explosion dell'artista Simone Bergantini: «un viaggio dentro la natura invisibile del visibile, nel cuore universale del linguaggio fotografico»

Per ogni Luca Purelli

VENICE Art and wine meet on the streets of sense - Saturday, April 17, Venetian Jarach Gallery

Nuove frontiere dell'abbinamento

Notwithstanding the natural pairing food with wine, we may experiment with new ways, less predictable on which to move without the reassuring experience of coded references, courses, texts and suggestions for what to draw. That's why we ask you to join us, Saturday, April 17, Venetian Jarach Gallery in Campo San Fantin, opposite the Teatro La Fenice, to visit the exhibition of the artist Simon Bergantini Explosion Black Eyes, "a journey into the nature of the invisible visible in the heart of the universal language of photography "

For any clarification or call Luke Purelli


* 9 am - Meeting at the Vicenza West motorway and with equity transfer in Venice
* 10-10.30 hours - parked vehicles will reach the Gallery
* 11 am - on the premises of Jarach Gallery Exhibition: Bergantini Simon and pairing of wines carefully chosen for the experiment works: the sommelier Luca Purell and Maurizio Onorato illustrate the emotional journey that led to the selection and compare views with the speakers
* 12.30 - guided tour of some Venetian bacari easy reach, including shadows and cicheti, in a sort of itinerant lunch
* 15 hours - visit to the Teatro La Fenice, if it is feasible, or some other valuable monument nearby.

When finished, the recovered vehicles, it will return to Vicenza.

  • ore 15 - visita al Teatro La Fenice, se sarà realizzabile, altrimenti ad altro monumento di pregio nelle vicinanze.


  • ore 9 - ritrovo al casello autostradale di Vicenza Ovest e trasferimento con mezzi propri a Venezia
  • ore 10-10.30 - parcheggiati gli autoveicoli si raggiungerà la Galleria
  • ore 11 - nei locali della Jarach Gallery, visita alla mostra di Simone Bergantini e abbinamento di vini accuratamente scelti per l'esperimento con opere dell'Artista: i sommeliers Luca Purelli e Maurizio Onorato illustreranno il percorso emozionale che ha condotto alla scelta e confronteranno le opinioni con gli intervenuti
  • ore 12.30 - visita guidata ad alcuni bàcari veneziani facilmente raggiungibili, tra ombre e cichèti, in una sorta di pranzo itinerante
  • ore 15 - visita al Teatro La Fenice, se sarà realizzabile, altrimenti ad altro monumento di pregio nelle vicinanze.



Jarach Gallery

VENEZIA - S. MarcoCampo San Fantin  Venezia -


say much from the rhythm of the title, explosive motion of a sentence and dynamic impact.

Simon Bergantini, fresh winner of Terna 02, works inside the lights alchemical obscurity, comes into the psycho-emotional geography of black acts on the ridge of astronomical darkness devours to regenerate. Black as the explosion of centripetal gaze geography that is last in the memory (the first) and destination (post) of any existing image.
An exclusive language selected: photography. Equally exclusive use of carbon pigment prints on cotton paper and other techniques of ancient ancestry and strong linguistic memory. Bergantino, despite issue of a "technology", understands the values of coexistence between mechanical and digital dialogue by those matrices that represent the diversity required. The analog process is traditional, but the film snaps scanning and electronic tones and gray scale, then comes the fateful final print. In fact, the artist investigates the photography craft alert methodical to the point that developing a calibrated search error, the margin imperfect, the consummation managed. An ethically irreproachable attitude before half (photography) so large and "popular" for this attitude of the artist calibrates the potential lowering the level of technology, raising where necessary, but without dogmatism, with the consciousness of generations that the mechanical and electronic parts of the same nature are iconographic.
EYES ...
The subjects Bergantini are absolutely normal in their evidence. They want to belong to the flow of everyday life, without tricks that alters the status of obvious aesthetic. Artist interested in the persistence of archetypes, the material as a memory rehabilitation, living form that turns into inner beauty.
Animals, forests, objects, sculptures, people: an exhibition by Gallery Jarach turn around some moments that are chapters of a platonic constant crossing of the real. The still lifes depicting Bergantini is in an old chair and an external bag of garbage. People in a young body, reverse the tragic subject of another (not present in the exhibition) by physical decay, far from the aesthetic of our time. The landscape in some thick woods and disturbing. Animals in a fox, a peacock and a monkey. All fragments of a normality that is loaded with pathos and dramatic power. The volume energy is growing in the explosion of black, the scratches and streaks of light in the dust of time stuck in tears as the snarl that mismatches acid.
We see the invisible in a perceivable form. We enter the secret edge of the image, then on the borderline between life and death absolutely. The photographic eye fixed so normal to rediscover the innate archetype, eternally button but often overwhelmed by the "media sin" of the ego technology.

eventi in galleria:

Davide Balliano / Simone Bergantini / Andrea Botto / Martina Della Valle / Teodoro Lupo/ Claudia Pozzoli / Alessandro Zuek Simonetti / Flavia Sollner / Nicola Vinci


Gabriele Basilico / Primo Bizjak / Andrea Botto / Edward Burtynsky / Martina Della Valle / Guido Guidi / Teodoro Lupo / Jurgen Nefzger / Robert Polidori / Joel Tettamanti

CLOSE TO DARK - Giorgio Barrera, Primoz Bizjak, Andrea Botto, Marco Campanini, Claudio Gobbi, Teodoro Lupo, Claudia Pozzoli, Marleen Sleeuwits, Flavia Sollner

VENEZIA  Arte e vino ncontri  Luca Purelli  presenta i vini abbinati alle opere di Simone Bergantini ovvero  Black Eyes Explosion
da Francesco Bonazzi -Vr-

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